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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

IMDB Review #246: Beauty and the Beast

It is so much easier to write about a film when it stirs something inside you – when you feel so much passion for the film that all you want to do is shout about it for days after. For the first time in my IMDB Top 250 challenge, I have found such a film in Beauty and the Beast.

I remember watching Beauty and the Beast with my little sister when I was a kid. Day after day we would watch the film (along with many other Disney classics) over and over again and would never tire of the story of Belle and her Beast. However, as I grew older, Disney became less cool and other interests took over my spare time, mainly computer games. As a result, it must have been about 15 years since I last watched Beauty and the Beast.

And boy have I missed it. Beauty and the Beast is a fantastic film, simultaneously magical, moving, engrossing, uplifting and beguiling. From the opening musical number as Belle makes her way through the sleepy village where she stays, right up until the magical conclusion, Beauty and the Beast captivated me. The musical numbers made me feel good, the storyline enchanted me and for 90 minutes all of my troubles evaporated. What more do you want from a film?

The animation in the film is superb and some of the cinematography is quite simply breath-taking. The characters are so well scripted that they are instantly loveable; I even have a fondness for the dastardly Gaston despite his role as the films antagonist. Not since Walt Disney’s death in 1966 has Disney made a better film (excluding the work of Pixar) and it is doubtful that they ever will top this wonderful film.

Overall, I have no hesitation in calling Beauty and the Beast a bone fide classic. It is the first film in the IMDB Top 250 list which I think truly deserves it place on the list – in fact it should be much higher than its lowly 246th position. Even as I type this review, I have the film playing again in the background and I can guarantee that the film will grace my television within a much shorter period than the 15 years since my last viewing.

I think I may have fallen in love with Disney all over again…

Rating 10/10


5plitreel said...

This is definitely one of those for me that haven't lost their charm through they years. I often appreciate these types of stories (B and B, Phantom of the Oepra).

Some animation just doesn't hold. I loved loved The Great Mouse Detective as a kid but I started watching it last summer and it felt so stiff and old.

Craig French said...

I totally agree. I had kind of written off traditional animation having mainly watched Pixar animated films the last couple of years - big oversight on my part!

B and B reminded me of just how good Disney animation was during its 'renaissance' period and also highlighted just how much their standards have declined today(although Enchanted was a guilty pleasure of mine!).

I think the only other traditional Disney film on my list is The Lion King - surely there should be more???

niels85 said...

I have seen around 15 films in my life that I would consider absolutely flawless, or simply fantastic. This is one of them.
My friends and family often give me a hard time for being quite demanding on movies, as I rarely tend to be truly satisfied after watching a film. The only reason why I am like that is because there are pieces of art like Beauty and the Beast that represent the ideal, the closest example to perfection, that I subconsciously compare every bit of film to.

I can't say enough about Beauty and the Beast. It is definitely in my TOP 20 films of all time.

And Craig...check out my latest post about the films of 2011, I'd like to hear what you have to say...


Craig French said...


We may have disagreed on Shutter Island but I am with you 100% on this one.

I think you are quite hard on films but there is nothing wrong with that! I would be interested to know what your top 15 films are - maybe a topic for a future blog post???

You have to keep your fans happy! lol

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