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Friday, 3 June 2011

Absent Friends #1 - Mulholland Drive

Whilst the IMDB Top 250 contains some of the films which I rate amongst the best films of all time, there are several films which would be high up my list which don’t feature in the IMDB Top 250. I therefore feel I have the moral obligation to highlight those glaring omissions which definitely should be higher up the list – hence the title of this blog post ‘Absent Friends’. This is all based on my opinion and of course others may disagree with my choices.

So to the first glaring omission; the contemporary classic and masterpiece that is Mulholland Drive.  At the end of 2009, I recall sitting down and making a list of my top 100 films of the last decade and there were two films vying for the top spot of my list – Mulholland Drive and There Will be Blood (which thankfully is in the IMDB Top 250, albeit much too low).
For me, Mulholland Drive is a fine example of thoughtful cinema: it’s a mystery thriller that remains a mystery even after the end credits roll. It is only after you have watched and re-watched the film several times that you can truly start to understand the film. With each viewing another piece of the puzzle falls into place , although you never get the feeling, even after tens of viewings, that you have managed to fully understand every aspect of the film.

The performances are also superb, particularly that of Naomi Watts. The scene in which Betty (played by Naomi Watts) auditions for a film role is probably the best scene of Naomi Watts’ career and one of my favourite scenes of all time. It really is gripping stuff.

For me, this is a film which should easily be up there with those at the top of the IMDB Top 250. Perhaps it was a bit too obscure to achieve mass market appeal and maybe that has hindered its rating on IMDB (I believe the film is sitting just outside the Top 250 with a rating of 8.0), but for those like me who have embraced the initial madness of the film and spent the time and effort trying to unravel the mystery, what you get in return is an entirely rewarding film experience. Quite simply a masterpiece.
Rating 10/10


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